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Supporting successful delivery

Our project management experts will work in partnership to help you define the project management solution that suits your organisation best.

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Experience based solutions

With a background of installing hundreds of project management systems and training people on how to use them, Milestone will make sure your solutions are the best fit for your business.

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Welcome to Milestone SA, a joint venture between Milestone and Acutech

Providing specialist portfolio, programme and project management services in South Africa.

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Sharing, learning, training

Unlock the full potential from your Primavera project management software.

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Boost your business performance

Get competitive advantage with project management and programme solutions that are the best possible fit for your organisation. Milestone’s integrated approach will help set you apart from the competition.

Support successful delivery

Using ‘best in class’ Primavera project management and complementary software solutions allows you to prioritise, plan, manage and evaluate your projects, programs and portfolios in the easiest possible way.

Milestone Services


Our experts will work with you in partnership to define the project management software solution that is best suited to your organisation.

Milestone Services


Your enterprise-wide programme and portfolio management needs will be supported by leading Oracle Primavera P6 project management software.

Milestone Training


Unlock the full power of Primavera project management software with Milestone’s expert trainers.

Milestone Events


Learn more about the software and services we offer through our range of events that include webinars, seminars and a range of project management courses.

Latest news

Don’t miss the Milestone Training Sale!


All prices on Oracle Approved courses which are booked and confirmed* before 2017 have been reduced, hurry and don’t miss out!

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About Milestone SA

A joint venture between Milestone and Acutech to provide unique services to Oracle Primavera customer base in South Africa.

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Milestone SA (South Africa) is a Joint Venture company based in Johannesburg set up between Milestone, an Oracle Platinum Partner originating in London, UK, and Acutech, a BBBEE company located in Midrand.  The objective of Milestone SA is to promote the use of the Oracle Primavera project management solution within Southern Africa.  This solution enables complete control of the Project Management function in all project-centric companies, and in modern business this means the vast majority of organisations.  Oracle Primavera is widely used within the South African Public Sector already, notable installations being in some of the larger State Owned Enterprises.  Milestone SA is drawing on the extensive experience of both the partner companies to ensure that users maximise the benefits available from the Oracle Primavera solution.

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