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Audit Trail

Keep a track of changes on specified Oracle Primavera business objects with Audit Trail. You can record previous and new values against required level of detail. User information is visible such as user id, user session, application used at the time when changes were made and records are data stamped and much more.  


As well as being highly configurable, Audit Trial can meet your organisational needs by focusing on specific Oracle Primavera elements and monitoring changes on all business objectives with high level of detail.

What makes Audit Trail for Oracle Primavera unique?

Audit Trail for Oracle Primavera is not a regular “what-you-see-is-what-you-get” type of product. It’s a solution that empowers enterprises with a growing number of business applications. Audit Trail for Oracle Primavera EPPM expands its value to the following recently emerged business applications:

  • Claims Prevention and Claims Resolution
  • Sub-contractors work transparency
  • Business Intelligence Support
  • Risk Analysis Support
  • Knowledge Base and Best Practices Repository Support
  • Oracle and SQL Server database engines are supported

Audit Trail for Oracle Primavera is the only solution dedicated to Oracle Primavera EPPM business objects, allowing users to focus only on changes happening to those business objects that are critical for the business.

Audit Trail is certified for Oracle Validated Integration.

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