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Oracle Crystal Ball

Gain unparalleled insight into the critical factors affecting risk with Oracle Crystal Ball. This spreadsheet-based application gives you predictive modelling, simulation, forecasting, and optimisation, providing you with unparalleled insight into the critical factors affecting risk. Make strategic decisions that support objectives and gain a competitive edge in uncertain market conditions. 


Total insight into critical factors impacting risk

Strategic planners, engineers, financial analysts, CPAs, scientists, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, consultants, venture capitalists, Six Sigma professionals, and anyone using spreadsheets to forecast uncertainty will benefit from Oracle Crystall Ball. 

Oracle Crystall Ball Benefits

  • Builds on the existing predictive and Monte Carlo modelling tools
  • Delivers advanced calculation and optimisation capability
  • Combines Oracle Crystall Ball Decision Optimizer and Oracle Crystall Ball 
  • Provides a reasonably priced version of Oracle Crystall Ball and Oracle Crystall Ball Decision Optimizer
  • Automatically calculate and record the results of thousands of different ‘what if’ scenarios with  Monte Carlo simulation 
  • Scenario analysis reveals the range of possible outcomes, probability of occurrence, inputs impacting your model and where efforts should be focussed

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