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Generate S-Curves easily

Create S-Curves with this Windows based application that imports project information from Oracle Primavera P6, Microsoft Project and Asta Powerproject*.

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Project Tracker

Generate S-Curves easily from Project Tracker. This Windows based application imports project information from Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera P6 and Asta Powerproject* to create S-Curves that can be used for progress evaluation. 

Most project management software doesn’t include built in S-Curve capability, meaning that users typically have to export project data into spreadsheets such as Excel to plot curves.
This method is labour intensive and requires an excellent level of knowledge including how to add resources or costs to the plan, how to open the data within the spreadsheet, how to create time phased exports from the PM tool and how to create data graphs. Project Tracker eliminates all of these steps. 
Exporting data from PM software to spreadsheets offers reporting capabilities but doesn’t provide analytical possibilities as the data is disconnected from the actual plan. 
Project Tracker imports activity data and as well as plotting the curve it can also plot Gantt charts under the S-Curve, giving the project manager the ability to analyse activities that are causing impacts and taking remedial action. 

Project Tracker benefits:

  • Create S-Curves from durations of activities
  • Create S-Curves automatically using activity duration rather than having to manually add resources and/or costs to project activities. 
  • Unique use of duration data
  • Project Tracker will plot resource and cost curves, but using duration data is totally unique.  
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